happy halloween!

happy halloween!  like most years, our halloween festivities lasted through a few parties, at school an at home.  this year was significant for colin and i, in that we were borderline obsessive compulsive about spiders and ghosts, goblins and skeletons… and monsters that growl in our bushes.

so it began with the annual parade at school.  although colin wasn’t that into it, i had a ball:

yes i am dash.  cause i run fast.

each of our classrooms made banners which was fun, with a play on words with our names. my classroom is the “happy hummingbirds”

and colins’ is the “busy bees”…

go back up an re-read that a little faster… mom was the only one who saw that at first 😉

colin could not take his eyes off his otter pop for any picture… (and frankly, aren’t they called “icee’s”??? i digress…)

then it came to halloween day.  the annual trip to our great friend d’s house.  man, our growling monster in the bushes at our house had nothing on them 🙂  here’s a shot of our friends before we headed out! really… how do you expect 10+ 4 year olds to stand any better?!

then it was off… like off to the races, for me that is anyway.  dad had to literally hold me back  to stay with the group.  the idea of screaming “trick or treat!” getting tons of candy, and running like crazy with friends, was the best.

so here’s the thing with colin. he is one smart cookie. this boy loves his sweets.  none of us have any idea where he gets it from… *cough* *mom*… so at some point we realized he was taking a while “up front” with the candy.  upon further investigation, we realized that he and the others would say their trick or treats, get a piece and as the others moved on… well. he’d stand there. starting to look all sweet until the mom/dad would say “would you like another piece?” and that little stinker would say “YES!” and that sweet face of his would get another. mom swore he took home twice the loot as i did…

“i got a spider!!”  you should have seen him when he thought he lost it….. the world almost ended. literally.

all in all it was a GREAT night and holiday.  mom and dad had so much fun, watching us have SO much fun.


2 thoughts on “happy halloween!

  1. Can’t believe nobody from the school caught the Boo Bees thing! Too funny. Love the pictures and the update on life. Your family is super cute. Hopefully we will be able to catch up some time soon!

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