to the beach

last weekend, dad got the fun idea to take a trip to the beach. the weather was a little chilly, so the plan was just to hang out, collect some shells and admire the water, and maybe dip our toes. that was the plan.

we walked over to the rocks and had some fun dodging the waves

we made our way from the rocks to the main beach to look for shells and rocks.  i could have containers full of rocks filling my room. it never gets old.

colin didn’t get it. he just collected sand. and then used shells to shovel sand into his mouth.nice.

i look deep in thought.  mostly i’m just thinking about how cold it would really be if i jumped in the water.

this was the last shot before “the wave”.  colin and i are too busy just staring off at the horizon, mommy’s not even facing the water taking a picture… and well, who knows what daddy was up to.  next thing we all knew we had salt water and sand in places one should not have salt water and sand.  if you saw a screaming 2 year old at the showers that day rinsing sand from every inch of his body, that was colin.  he got the worst of it.  all mom and dad said on the way home after that adventure was, “too bad we didn’t take a picture of the ‘after'”. indeed, too bad.


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