time keeps on slippin’

if i had any control over the blog at all, mom would have put me in a time out for sure by now.  thankfully i’m not.  but really, with 3 birthdays, one massive party, christmas and lots of special visitors… well, i forgot.

so let’s recap shall we?

it has become my favorite time of year… thanksgiving day.  that is the day that all things christmas, in our house at least, begin.  as usual, mom shirks any sort of cooking responsibility to others or declares “i don’t want to cook anything but cornbread!”  and instead has created our annual ritual of decorating the house for christmas.  each year gets better, more things for colin and i to fight over  get excited over, more lights to put up.  dad can’t wait until we are old enough to climb ladders…

mom loves the fact that her birthday ushers in the christmas season as well, on the first day of the best month of the year… her birthday in her words, “was perfect”.  although she kept having to remind us, when as each gift was opened and i asked “is it a car??”, that her favorite things are not those… after about 3 gifts i got the jist and would say (before it  was opened) ” ooooh a shirt!!”  i guess she got a lot of clothes.

the next day was the ladera ranch annual tree lighting.  i swear it gets better each year…

we got to make cookies. …

colin didn’t like his at all

note the green frosting here in his mouth.  this kid is green through and through. if mom had a dollar for every morning he and i fought about who gets the “green plate” , well she’d have about 365 dollars, but it feels like it should be way more than that….

in addition to thanksgiving and mom’s perpetual 29th birthday, comes the annual tree purchase. despite the fact that it was in a parking lot, it sure felt like a forest…

we had a lot of fun running around the trees and hiding from mom and dad while the wonderful boy scouts tied the tree to our car.

the next stop on our list of annual events was a new one, thanks to some friends that gave us the tip.  did you know that santa rides the most elaborately decorated train down from the north pole and specifically through orange county california?  did you know he also sings and dances??  did also know his song and dance involves an alien???? yeah.  me either.

but despite the alien, it was a great show. anddidimention he rode a TRAIN?  i’ll be there next year santa.  alien show or not.

colin’s not too sure about what’s going down…

here i am enjoying the lights on the train after the show… i could have stayed all night.

this year is full of new firsts.  and staying along the train theme, we now take you to pomona for the annual train expo and the fairgrounds permanent model train exhibit.

the outdoor portion was a pretty impressive sight. it used the largest of the model trains and colin and i were mezmerized…

after enjoying the outdoors, we headed into the cherry on top (since we had no idea it was happening) train expo…  mom got all mushy as many a childhood memory of my pappap came rushing in.  if he were here, this is where he’d be…

mom doesn’t have many different pictures of me, cause they all look like this. poor me… i ran around like a chicken with my head cut off, for most of the time. there was so much to see i couldn’t stand in one place for long.

colin had a great time taking everything in.

what i did stop for though… were stools…

see? another one..

soon it was time to go, and we took one more trip around the outside exhibit before leaving. to dad’s credit, he got a pretty great picture of colin and his “attitude”  (and a new car from inside…) upon hearing it was time to leave. sure folks he’s cute. but he’s got a mouth on him…

lastly, to wind this down before i get my deserved birthday post, all to myself, is our annual goddard school holiday concert.

can you hear us saying “cheese!!!!”

how cute am i in my santa hat??? i did a great job singing… notoriously i am the one kid that sings a measure ahead of all the class.. but consider it a christmas miracle, i stayed with the group!

colin did a great job too… he sang daily his songs to us at the dinner table or in bed…

and look! mom even got me in a shirt with stripes on it!  no track pants even!


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