out with the old and in the with the new… sand that is

you know when you go somewhere you’ve been a million times before, but suddenly something feels different. you can’t put your finger on it?  well, let’s back up.  in honor of mom’s dear friend stacey’s trip out to california, from chilly (really though you guys have been lucky with mild weather this winter) indianapolis.  what better place to take her than our favorite aliso creek beach?  after days of mom and stacey living it up at the conan o’brien show, shopping near the beach, this was the most obvious destination to take her to next.

i have to say here, that mom gets no credit for pictures taken in this post.  all were from stacey’s ultra nifty iphone4s.  well.  mom may as well ditch her gigantic camera, cause this little phone is pretty good.  phones taking pictures… who knew?  mom’s gonna have to get me one…

so we get to the beach and colin insists, after sluggishly trudging through the sand, for mom to carry him.  after what feels like an eternity (he weighs a good 33lbs people!) mom thinks to herself “gee our normal walk seems abnormally looooong” just then dad points out. “they moved the beach!”  ok he probably didn’t say that… but what probably said was “where did all this sand come from???”  you see, they (i’m not sure who) made more beach…. this little area we used to walk to was all rocky and fun to jump on and watch the waves.. now? just beach. that’s a whole lotta sand they moved to cover it up.  so this….

and this

and the fun places to do this

(me in a deep thought)

and this

well, now it’s this

and this

luckily i can still do my thinking on sand…

but the upside? there’s this

do you see all the many many tiny sea anemone?

and this

a real life starfish?  we were screaming finding nemo quotes like obsenities (funny thing about auto correct, it wanted to make nemo, memo… which is what colin calls nemo)

here we are with the anemones, mom had to keep colin from shoving his hand into each and every one while he squealed with delight as they tried to gobble up his finger.

and thank you most of all to stacey, for traveling all this way, away from your own little ones, to play with us 🙂


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