oh yes friends, colin is 3.  it’s hard for mom and dad to imagine, not that their baby is growing up, but that he only just turned 3.  they feel like he’s been 3 for so long already!   the only thing to describe why they feel this way is through his “colin-ness”.

what better day than to gush on all things colin, than on his birthday?  colin usually has a lot to say, the typical “i’ll DO it!” or “i CAN’T do it!”  to things like “guac a MOLY!”  which is short for “holy moly guacamole” (from toy story).  or “that’s a great idea guys!” when mom suggests things like how it’s time to brush our teeth.  or his little back and forth games where he’ll say, “you’re the best…”(the mom says) “NO… YOU’RE the best…!” he will grab your face gently with his hand and say things like “you’re sooooooft!”  and when mom and dad say goodnight in bed, he always wants “a hug AND a kiss!”  all these things wrapped up into “just turned 3” colin.

the day started off not quite as mom planned…. she decorated his door only to have him burst through the streamers and balloons 3 times overnight, because he couldn’t sleep.  dad actually thinks he was so excited for his birthday that he could not settle down… the jury is out for mom.

but morning came and the decorations were still a hit.

we made our way to school where colin got to celebrate with friends and popsicles at lunch. mom and dad came to get us early and we all went to the movies and saw the lorax.

we came back home for some dinner and cupcakes!

oh yeah, and presents!!


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