this year the easter holiday started out with a new trend. egg coloring.  dad was gung-ho on the 18 count costco brand, but mom reigned him in (who’s gonna EAT all those eggs???).  so we settled with a dozen.  mom and dad had a lot to remember, and we might of needed those 18 eggs with all the ones that cracked. good thing i’m 5 and hadn’t done this before… and colin? he just tried cracking the eggs (like dad does making pancakes),  realizing nothing came out.

and what does colin do?  he makes his wand into a gun… of course.

i am seriously into this.  mom is pleasantly surprised.

oohing and ahhing over color.

did i mention mimi is here?  she show us the ropes.

unlike myself, someone is still a huge ham for the camera…

the finished product!!

the next day is easter and the baskets are out!

and just like every holiday with gifts, we are perched at the top of the stairs, bribed into taking a picture.  it’s tradition.

we loved our baskets, especially the angry birds.  folks, we have them all now… they make angry bird gigggles when we squeeze ’em.  mom swears one of  the three giggles sounds like they are saying “happy new year!!!!”   it doesn’t make any sense.

then in the afternoon it was off to cousins, and easter egg hunting…

pause for some kisses…

happy easter!!!!!!!


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