seashells and ladybugs

you know what’s great about the beach?  it’s different every time we go.  during mimi’s stay at our house, she wanted to witness our seashell collection habits for herself (really, she just can’t get enough of the good weather!). so off we went.

look a cave.  we’ll sit all nice for dad!

mom, well she’s another story…

well, you get what you get and you don’t get upset 🙂

mimi had fun helping colin look for what he would scream “TINY SHELLS!

ooh, a ladybug. that’s a new one.  water? what water, let’s watch this tiny ladybug for 3 hours…. ok!

to say the ladybug overtook us all is an understatement.  mom tells me every time i see a ladybug is good luck 😉 i’ll take it. chances that i’ll actually remember all this… ?


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