a race to the race

as we walked into the race, the woman at the ticket counter says “sir, are you sure? the activities are about to CLOSE!” to her he replied “we are just here to see the race, we know!”

once we got in, we found a seat and, (cue sigh of relief) our view…

it was great, but it could be better. the best thing about the grand prix is that we can move.  i am not one for standing still so, it works for me.

one of the favorites of the race, a bmw (like father like son). mom was proud of this shot. what you don’t see is her peering through a tiny hole in a construction fence to actually get a shot without fence in the way.

these ferrari’s are an easy spot. and you can hear them a mile away… by far the loudest cars when they’d downshift through a turn.

at one point mom turned to the side and she saw this

a funny side note about colin – this kid is a card.  just recently his preschool teachers told mom he had them in stitches at lunch.  poor kid goes right for his dessert every time and the teachers encouraged him to eat other things before digging in. realizing he might be testing their patience a little, he started in on an eyebrow trick, ala groucho marx.  he always knows how to lighten a mood.

this requires some serious concentration

someone likes taking dad’s hat

a short few hours later we were back and headed home. the parking garage attendant saw us and said “back so soon?”  until next year! next time we’ll stay longer…

one last thing… on our way home, we got the chance to see a pretty spectacular bridge…. not just any bridge, but the “7th street exit” that most around these parts know as “the only way to get to long beach from the north 405 freeway is CLOSED”.   for those haters, realize dad went to school for 4 years. he did his best to keep the old bridge open while they built the new one.

anyway i digress. THIS is HIS. it should read “kevin’s 7th street exit”.  this picture does it no justice. it’s a huge bridge. he designed it.  and yes, if you want to know, you CAN drive on it, and no it WON’T fall down… well done dad. A+


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