color run

the decision for mom was easy – run a fun 5k with friends and get doused with color? sign. her. up.  me? well, i needed some major clarification on this “color” that would be distributed. but by race day, with tshirt, headband and temporary tattoo in hand, i was in.  colin too.  he was in the moment mom said “do you want to get color all over??”

a couple days before the race we picked up our packets… and tried our game faces on.

getting ready to race with friends!

you see the mountains off in the distance?? well, i kept asking mom how far we had to run in the race…. after the 10th time she said “to those mountains”. i stopped asking.

getting psyched up for the race…

look at all these people!

did you know this used to be a marine airfield???

well in that case, let’s fly.

so for the last 1k leg, mom challenged me to run to the finish line, and boy did i do it. i did it just after i inhaled a granola bar too. they don’t call me “iron stomach” for nothing. we did it and dad was there to cheer us as we crossed the finish line! mom and dad were so proud of us!!

we had too much fun


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