so the other weekend mom woke up and said “the rail fest is today”.  so we all got up and packed up the car and drove to the perris (too bad it’s not PARIS) annual rail fest. when we pulled up an a woman walked by and said “great! you’re just in time for the puppet show!!!” mom and dad looked at each other and thought “when did they add that to the festivities?” they brushed it off, until they saw a slew of elementary school children and adults cheering for their school.


yeah so the railfest was the next weekend.

well, we are here, we might as well enjoy ourselves.  the bright side? it was free to get in, and there was NO ONE else on the grounds.  we’re making lemonade….

c’mon mom!

we walked toward the back of the grounds, where we heard some rumbling of trains.  and low and behold, the santa fe

it drove right on by. these are the best descriptions of colin’s an my personalities….

can someone tell me what these are??

all in all, a fun morning. we had the place all to ourselves!


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