of tonsils and motrin

not much gets done around these parts when colin gets sick.  mom is beginning to think that when babies are born the doctors should just put them under real quick, pop in some ear tubes and take out the tonsils.  she’s kidding of course.

colin specifically enjoys his bouts of tonsillitis.  our whole house has had enough.  his first trip to the ent, the dr. emerges from his gaping mouth to say “well, he has some big tonsils…” we all knew his future.

so what does colin like best? the beach.  takes this poor kid’s mind off of 103 degree fevers, tummy aches, and head aches.  so in her quest to branch out, mom set off for newport beach.  it’s amazing we can choose a beach to visit. mom didn’t have a beach growing up. she had a lakefront. not even waves… but the water was warmer. LOTS warmer. our first stop? the pier.

mom must have looked a little pathetic taking the first as a self portrait, so a nice lady offered to take this one… much better.

see these smiles? how is this possible?  colin, i might add, is in hour 2 of a motrin dose. happy guy.  hour 4 was not pretty….

taking a short snack break and watching the waves.  mom agrees, we all could have sat here for hours.

we spend the rest of our quick trip splashing in the waves while colin collected sea shells.  it was a perfect morning.


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