run like a mudder

so apparently mom and her friends are gluttons for punishment. because last saturday they all woke up too early, piled in their cars and rode down to camp pendleton to run in the world famous mud run 10k.

only one person in this picture knows what this mud run is about.  mom’s not sure why she keeps coming back (haha!) this is the tram that took them from parking to the course. too bad it wasn’t the tram taking them into disneyland. way more fun.

have their pictures taken with soldiers?  yes please.

the race began and mom got worried.  no less than 5 minutes into it, she got completely drenched by a fire hose. then she had to run through sand.  the worst part was listening to all the other runners talking about “what comes next”  2 miles running uphill, then downhill, she almost forgot about the obstacles…. until….

wait, she’s actually having fun? she’s wading in 3 feet of muddy water.  thank goodness for her friend chanda and a waterproof camera!

more smiles? well from what she’s heard this “path” of water is usually a LAKE.  4 1/2  FEET DEEP. yes, this is much better than a lake of mud.

DONE! have a beer 🙂

*almost* the whole group picture!  they survived! mom’s not one for getting dirty, nor doing things like climbing walls or crawling through tunnels, but she and her friends did it all.  and they can’t wait for next year.




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