funny guy!

(said in my best george costanza voice)

it’s been a crazy couple of weeks, lots going on in the house.  somehow colin senses these things. the need for some comedic relief.

one night after dinner, mom and dad were trying to figure out how in the heck to play the star wars lego wii game for me (they assure me they take over to “help”) when colin walks into the room and announces “I MADE ME A TIGER! ROOOOOAR!” thank GOD he used dry erase markers. all over his face. and arms. and legs. this happened for the next 3 nights.

then, later on that weekend, dad, mom colin and i were playing a pickup game of duck-duck-goose. clearly colin had never played until now.  when his turn came to go, he hit our heads. so. hard. and instead of saying duck-duck-goose he’d YELL “DUCK! CUP! MOOSE!!!!” seriously, where does he come up with this stuff??? probably mom. she’s hilarious 😉


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