don’t grow up

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why is this only funny to adults? really, as a child, i should really try to learn from this message.

oh dear.  mom was dreading this.  you’d think i was graduating with highest honors from purdue (yes, that’s how mom chooses to envision my future). this is just preschool.  but. BUT. in her defense, this has been my home since i was 13 weeks old. colin was 16 weeks.  babies.  this school, these teachers, have been our second home, our extended family.

 so this is it. graduation and the next day, our official last day at the goddard school.  colin’s coming with me, though i know he’d love to stay. but it will help me.  i like knowing my brother is around.  i will even go so far as willingly ask to visit the doctor if he’s going. well, it would get me out of school, but that is beside the point.  colin is my baby. i call him that everyday.  sure, i clobber him with plastic trains daily and push him off the couch. but certainly brothers do worse, right??? i digress…

graduation, mom says, serves only as yet another reason to make women cry in public.


this face! this tiny cap and gown!!! did you know that hat is called a mortar board?  fun fact: mom went through 4 years of college using purdue’s  daily planner called the “mortar board” and had no idea of this.

here’s my buddy d and i. we were literally some of the first kids that had gone through our school from babies through pre-k.

see? babies people.

look at all these wonderful kids.  i’ve made friends here that i hope i’ll always have…. always.

mimi, aunt sarah and cousins a and e came with, just to yell as loud as humanly possible when the called my name. i loved every minute of it.  fun fact #2: when aunt sarah graduated high school, pap pap offered mom (probably) hundreds of dollars to scream out to aunt sarah “NOW CAN I HAVE YOUR ROOOOOOM???” she didn’t. she still got her room though.  well, of course until aunt sarah would come home for break that is.

these were posted up around graduation. none of this was a surprise. does purdue have a driving school?

and here is comic relief colin with is best groucho marx eyebrow impression:

so the last day of school was upon us and mom was a mess.  here are some sentimental shots she took around school. mom and dad had to confront the fact that i am growing up and also that we’d be leaving people we truly care for. it was a lot to take in, for mom.  hey and to be fair, at one point she even made dad cry too.  ha!

(clearly mom couldn’t be trusted to take clear pictures through her tears)

(my old cubbie, mom was crying in colin’s room and forgot to take a picture of his)

we can’t wait to come back and visit, to show our teachers how much the love they gave us helped us to grow into the boys we are.  i think they should be proud.


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