use the force

today was the day.  frankly i’m not sure what mom and dad were doing all this time, but today they decided to stick around tomorrowland for the jedi training.  i’m very into star wars, really. ask me what i’m going to be for halloween, i’ll tell you a stormtrooper. i’ve know since april.  we are trying to talk colin into R2D2 🙂

so here we sat, and try as they might, mom and dad couldn’t get me any closer to the jedi training.  when it came time to stand up and raise your hand to be picked, colin’s hand SHOT in the air. dad kept saying “you wanna go up there buddy?”  we don’t think he knew what he was doing (but it does prove he’s been learning to listen in preschool!). dad said “raise 2 hands if you want to go out there”. an up shot the second hand. soon he was in.

make no mistake, that smile proved to mom and dad that he did know what he wanted!

this was the super nice jedi master that helped colin with the light saber.

oh no! stormtroopers!

darth vader!

he waited his turn and got to fight the man himself and that was awesome.  i’m so proud of my brother.  i told dad that i couldn’t wait to come back and stand up with brother and fight darth vader too 🙂


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