back to school

back to school night began with a trip to see mimi and aunt jean.  look, the moving truck is here!  we let the movers do their thing.  don’t worry though, mimi introduced us to jeff the mover. mimi and aunt jean make friends with everyone.

we did stay for some donuts .

on our way out, showing our best muscle poses.

we came back later to pick up mimi and aunt jean for back to school night at school,  button shirt clad. ready to meet our teachers.

yes people. i have a desk. with my name. i’m smiling but thinking “what is the big deal over a desk?!?!” i asked mom the night before “are you going to cry at back to school” she said “well, maybe. is that ok?”  “no.” i said.  buck up mom…

i had a scavenger hunt (seriously, homework already?!) when i got to my classroom, but i rocked it.

colin was all smiles meeting his teachers.

mom made quite the impression too, bringing some sweets for the teachers and our principal.  i hope they like chocolate. cause if so, that means i’m getting all A’s 😉


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