pretty cool socks right?  if you could only smell them through the picture, you’d know exactly how many times i let mom take them off to wash them in the last 5 days.

our local ayso offers camps all summer long and i, on the last week, got to participate.  i was that kid, there early every day.  literally 20 minutes before it started.  monday was the first day in history that i did have to be told to get dressed.  i was ready to go at 7am.  camp starts at 9am.

with hardly a hug i was off with my coach from holland mela. he was nice.

that’s me, on the field alone…

every day i had a ball. and everyday i’d come home begging to play more soccer outside. who knows, maybe one day soccer may be just a fleeting memory, replaced with baseball, football, or tennis (mom would be proud!) but for now, i all need is soccer. and some cleats. and shin guards. and a ball.


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