soccer x 2

as if my maniac soccer obsessed brain wasn’t enough, mom and dad decided that they thought colin had just about enough of watching me play soccer from the sidelines. with the chance to put colin into a U4 league, of course they wouldn’t pass it up!

look at the kids next to colin.  and my mom thought he was tall….

yes, he kicked it!

our buddy  D and and colin. they get their OWN soccer balls and don’t have to share them with the older brothers…

“magic 8 ball… will i get a goal?”

just to offer proof of my maniac ways, our neighbor came up to us the other day as we played outside (in full soccer gear) and asked about my soccer team and how often we practice, cause she always sees me dressed up. you know, cause the first thing all boys do is rip off their school clothes and dress head to to in their uniform (and socks!) for dinner each night.


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