mom forced herself to look through all of colin’s and my baby toys last week… colin is the baby and most likely will stay the baby. mom enjoyed living in denial over this. but a new friend, sweet baby j could really use some toys and well, mom had to face the music.  so what does she do? take pictures of the favorites.

hippo.  look he may be my favorite, but i got this for colin (see i do share) as a gift. it’s all colin though. you pull the string, it shakes and giggles. see? all colin.

oh octopus. this was a toy i loved..each tentacle played a note, 8 tentacles, an octave.  brilliant! you know the song that is playing when luke walks into the cantina in star wars (episode 3?)…. mom would play it for me. she’s got talent.

jaques… the peacock.  he spoke with a french accent.

moo cow.  you squeeze him. he moos. this was a colin favorite.

moo cow, version 1. this was a gift from cousins alston and emma to me, the day i had surgery when i was just a babe. i’ll (mom) never let this go.

lamby. it baaa’d

lamby 2.0.  he plays “jesus love me” this could have been a gift from mimi??

a baby can’t have too many rings to chew on. this took the cake for me and colin

oh elephant… you pull him and he shakes.  i loved him and that he was a gift from nana and papa.

you can’t not have a dalmation. i love him so much that i threw him and broke his head off.  good thing mom works wonders with superglue.

it squeaks, it shakes, its chewable. what’s not to like?

mom may have stolen this from aunt sarah and never gave it back. it’s got that noisy paper in it, and it fits in a baby’s mouth without choking them!  it  got it’s full share of baby saliva in its time.

this is it.  the rattle. if i had a go to toy, this was it. mom will never give it away. sorry baby j.

colin and i both loved this so much.  you press the nose and it  lights up and plays 5 different classical music songs!  mom probably liked it the most…

have you ever seen a 2 sided toy?  yeah me either. another win for mimi with this find. it had so many things to do.


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