this year, miramar kinda snuck up on us.  sadly so did the heat.  people it was just hot. just mom, dad, colin, me and 100,000 of our closest friends. oh boy.  this year’s trip was especially nice. as it was our last chance to see it with our buddy, d, and his family.

colin was clutching that poor air show booklet, holding on for dear life.

we got to hang in some helicopters

and shooting stuff.

we made our way to our seats and mom bought colin and i some sunglasses. yes we planned an all day outdoor adventure, with no sunglasses.  hey we have hats though.  colin enjoyed poking his belly button with them. don’t ask, we don’t understand either.

the only clouds we saw

do we look hot?

well explosions liven things up a bit.

this was mom’s favorite shot. as the blue angels started, they startled us from behind.  d got a great view.

we had a great time. the best part of the day was, just as we were leaving, the blue angels did one last sneak flyover. it was loud and low and mom nearly jumped out of her shoes.  she was holding colin’s hand (we were all 4 on a mission to find a toy plane we didn’t already own) and she looked down for fear he was frightened from the noise.  he looked back up at her with a face. pure. glee.  they screamed and laughed that they had been snuck up on, and carried on with their mission.


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