apples and pumpkins and old abandoned mine shafts… oh my!

wherever mom goes, she often looks for the “midwesterness” in places in hopes of feeling nostaglic.  aunt sarah must be the same way.  cause she led us to riley’s apple farm in yucaipa (pronounced “you-kai-pa”…no i am not making that name up, east coast family).  it felt like home, except with mountains.  colin and i thought she was just going to drive us straight into them. our conversation with her: “MOM! you are going to drive us straight into the mountain!! where are we going?!?”

a tractor ride? don’t mind if i do!


we met up with aunt sarah and mimi and uncle alston and cousins just in time to help them fill their apple basket beyond capacity.

to say colin was obsessed with finding the tiniest of everything was an understatement.

photo op with mimi

then it was off to see the pumpkins.  and colin’s find for the world’s smallest (gourd?)

the views were worth the visit alone.

we were tucked into the mountainside with beautiful views all the way around. in the words of marty  the zebra (you know from madagascar, duh) “i could hang here!”

then it was onto cousin alston’s preferred spot. the abandoned mine shaft

we found this guy along the way. mimi called him “billy” and mom called him “totes mc goats”.  talk about a generation gap. he bounded over and we were all a little scared at first. then he just parked it, and never moved from his spot here…

we enjoyed petting his “goat -tee” a lot. he was the sweetest goat we ever met. emma would have brought him home if we could have found him a way out…

the mine!  ooh it was spooky.

the chair did a very good job of keeping us out. colin found this part of the mine and was convinced ghost were haunting it… this is his “spooky” pose

this was the prettiest indian corn that mom ever saw.

and the flowers!  colin practically dove in and yanked out handfuls. luckily most survived.

a big thank you to aunt sarah for inviting us along, we had the best time ever!


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