a lovely over night getaway with friends began at the beach. too bad mom didn’t invite me.

mom and her friends had a farwell dinner for a dear friend who be missed… the beachcomber it is!

mom feels like she could live her whole life here and still not see it all. but she had been here.  there just must be too much to see her in california. even she had beat out a friend or 2 in the group, who had yet to go to crystal cove, and see this view.

it’s beautiful; mom missed a shot of all the kitschy little cottages facing the ocean. it’s a great place to rent a spot, each little cottage has a theme of it’s own.

the best part about it were these ladies here…

you see mom’s friend is moving away tomorrow… which means my friend is moving away too. d and i have known each other for almost our whole lives, since i was 6 months old. we spent our preschool lives together. i was such a shy kid then… and d was the only one i’d play with.  thanks for always being my friend….

which means colin’s friend is moving away too… sky is one of the few girls in our mass of boys.  this lady holds her own and just about all the boys hearts too.

texas is lucky to have your family.  you will be so very missed… cheers to your family’s new adventure, and to guest rooms for when we come to visit!


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