this is 6

img_6475-3-wi had the good fortune of my birthday falling on a saturday this year.  so all celebrations were wrapped up in one day.  great for me! mom went for something different and brought in a reptile man.  the kids were in awe. count on E to add to the drama.  it’s always good to have a girl around 😉


i didn’t realize that i “had” to hold all the animals.  it took a few to calm my nerves.


the snakes were a hit.


colin was fearless.  i dunno, with those eyes and that tongue, yikes.


i’m starting not to freak out inside my head so much now…


colin is ready to take him home

img_6561-3-wsnakes, a few lizard and a bull frog that wouldn’t jump and then this…


mom should have asked for this to stay back in its home


and then E did this. seriously?? she is woman. hear her roar.


a baby python snake. colin’s comment “ooooh! it’s so cute – ty!”


A out did us all with snake and spider.


say hello to our reptile guy. and say hello to his little friend.  there are no pictures of me with this.  i’m out the door.


this was the best 6th birthday ever.


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