last christmas

if only george michael could hear us now…. if there  was one song that encapsulated christmas it is this song.  now i’ll also note that mimi, upon hearing the original 1984 version of this song said “doesn’t taylor swift sing this?” why yes, yes she does. clearly she skipped listening to music until she had an 8 year old granddaughter.  at least E has good taste!


the season started off great with a trip to disneyland to see the decorations. we whooped it up and stayed until the fireworks and “snowfall” on mainstreet.  we ate ice cream for dinner.  mom stuck her tongue out to eat the “snow” only to realize the fake snow was (gasp) soap bubbles.  sorry disney, next year get a real sonw machine. i bet you can afford it…


there’s nothing more fun than riding radiator springs racers at night…



then it was time for the christmas pageants. please forgive colin’s pose. he’s pointing up to heaven, not trying to say “fight the power!”. colin naturally was very dramatic and loved having family in the audience.


that night it was my turn.  i was angel #1.  mom nearly cried when she saw the letter announcing my “random” draw for the part.  glad that i wasn’t joseph, yes. but an angel?  angel’s are mimi’s favorite.


i did great, smiled and everything. i told dad before we walked in that night, “dad please don’t laugh at me cause i am in a dress” to which dad replied “it’s not a dress, you are an angel!” and mommy replied “trust me i won’t be laughing, i’ll do my best not to cry” to which i sighed and said “please… (embarrased tone) don’t cry….’

christmas came quickly after and colin and i made out nicely with outdoor toys, new bikes, plasma cars, ramps and chalk stencils for making roads and signs.



colin is teaching me to have an imagination. we’ve been playing a fun game on our plasmas where we crash. one falls over. the other picks the first up to drive him to the hospital. there are needles. when we are done at the hospital then he gets driven back to the waiting plasma car. we immediately crash again and its the other’s turn to get hurt. it’s fun for hours!


“view halloo” colin’s and my first adventure with mary poplins. and lip whistles.

img_6809-2-wthe ladies!

img_6828-2-wnow its time for presents. colin tries so hard to be patient, waiting for O to open his gift from mimi.


high heeled pink suede tassled boots? yes please.

img_6814-2-wno the colors aren’t wrong. A is really wearing a pink shirt and purplish pants.  if fuzzy pants came in those colors, i’d wear them too!


this was the last christmas of duping. now that i can start reading, mimi can’t write “blue toy” on the “TO” label anymore, in case she forgets what the gift is. it was like the longest day of my life waiting to open my blue transformer…


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