(photo: jen perez photography)

as many of you know, i’m not the type to jump in and do something first.  i like to dip my toes in the pool instead of diving right in.  that’s more colin’s thing… so to be fair, i’m not “affected” or “advanced” but just good old normal in lots of ways.

so reading (or lack thereof) has not been a major issue in the house and mom knew to leave teachers to the task of helping me learn.  it’s daunting really, and since one thing i AM advanced at is memorizing pictures and being read to with my story books. mom’s initial thought was, “this kid’s gonna memorize his way into fooling his teachers to think he can read”.  teacher assured her that wouldn’t happen.  i get really mad when mom covers up all the pictures when we practice together. i’m smart, but i’m also hers. she knows how my brain works.

we’ve spend the better part of the school year so far learning all our sounds, and these things called blends. like most parents, mom and dad thought “phooey” about these so called blends, but folks, they work!  and it makes it a whole lot easier for mom and dad to help me.

now every week i come home with a new work book and pages to read.  seriously people i can do this.  no pictures even.  “the pig sat in the mud”. the first sentence i read. ever.  mom cries.  it’s weird.  sure other kids might be reading harry potter books by now. all in due time. cause mom bets once i get started i’ll never stop. and that’s just fine with her. there’s a whole batch of mom’s old “calvin and hobbes” books just waiting to be devoured….


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