the tooth fairy

As if preparing for Colin’s birthday wasn’t enough. the night before his birthday and party, mom picked us up from school I proudly showed her my semi loose bottom left tooth. Mom, who worried I might be the last six year old to start losing his teeth, was ecstatic. We went home to dinner with Mimi. Once home I showed Mimi as well. though this tooth wasn’t hanging by a thread, is was soon to come out. But the proclamation by Mimi was “ooh! Three more weeks!!” As if my looking at my tooth she was viewing punksatony Phil and his shadow, predicting six more weeks of winter.


i’ll spare you the details, but some time with daddy in the bathroom and it came out!

p.s. the going rate for the tooth fairy is $5 and a hot wheels book.


skip ahead 3 weeks.  if you leave mommy to her devices long enough, the second tooth will come out before she can announce the first.  this was a little slower moving.  it was loose long enough for my big tooth to start growing in behind it.  that made life a little harder.  it made eating harder really.

finally our last trip to disney with our annual passes, and i think daddy had enough of my tooth complaints while eating.  he yanked and yanked and mommy suggested twisting the tooth and POP!  that’s trick#1 folks. twist the tooth. so at paradise pier in california adventure, tooth #2 came out.  some kind father saw us fretting over my tiny tooth and brought us over a ziploc.  trick #2, always bring a baggie if you have a tooth to lose.

IMG_1878 IMG_1876

it was quite a great ending to our time disney 🙂


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