there’s something about… nina?


the scene: last night, in my bed, mom just turned out the lights. she is attempting to hug and kiss me goodnight as i fight back and whine. wait, that’s not normal?

me: mom. there’s a girl.

mom:  a girl?  at school?

me: yes. she kind of follows me around.

mom: wait, does she like you?

me: yes.

mom: well, do you like her?

me: yes (mom silently gasps)

mom: that’s great buddy… that you like to play with her… what’s her name?

me: what? (put off) i don’t know.

mom: well at school tomorrow, why don’t you ask her when you are playing together?  it’s the first week of camp it’s ok if you don’t know people by name yet.

me: that’s ok, i’m sure she’ll say her own name sometime.


further investigation by dad this morning may have lead to her name being nina.  as dad went down the list of names on the  camp roster, i went with it.  although hers was the first name he mentioned… chances are i was already bored with this activity.


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