get the chevy!

its that time of year again where we travel out to the midwest. we have one less person to visit (ahem mimi) but then again we had a one more band to visit this time.  hold your shorts, that’s for another post. now whether or not we planned the trip home to see the band, or the band happened to be there when we planned the trip, who knows. dad claims it was serendipitous.

we had all sorts of fun with nana, papa and cousins this week, with pools, playing water guns and coloring.




we had all sorts of sleeping arrangements during our time… one night in particular, it was a late bedtime and colin and i were wiped. so dad put colin in his own room.  around 10, mom went in to check on us as usual and as she knelt down to cover up colin, he started thrashing.  then talking. if anyone knows colin, his tag line would be ” colin: 2 volumes. loud and super loud”. so he didn’t talk, he YELLED.  “guys… GUYS! GUYS GET THE CHEVY! THE CHEVY, GET! IT!” as dad ran up to his room to see what the yelling was about, he saw colin thrashing and mom rolling on the ground laughing.

the hit of the vacation was the revival of childhood toys of dad’s. maybe i say this every year, but it’s true.  but the older i get, the more emerge!  this year it was speak and spell



and the math professor! (mom had forgotten completely about having this as a kid…)


and marbles (colin did this color sorting, mom thought it looked rather pretty!)


and who can forget fashion plates? well i can… but who knew there was “little van GOES”?!? what boy wouldn’t want an assortment of conversion vans to create and color?! my favorite was the van with flames.


as always turns with the tractor were necessary.  even cousin lauren got in on the mix.  meanwhile everyone else would climb the tree.





on almost our last day we ventured to oconomowoc to see our second cousins and aunts and uncles. the best name ever for a town.  what other city do you know that has an “o” ever other letter?





we got to play with our cousin cole, who enlightened us on cape wearing and general superhero-ness.  i demanded to be called batman (or whoever i was wearing) all afternoon.  see for a kid who only likes cars, i’m not much into comic or superheros. i may have just seen the light though… (ps. see the anchors on my shorts? mom’s grooming me to be an DG man yet!)

thank you to all our family for making the trip so very special.  except for papa. he may not have forgiven mom yet for leaving the house with the windows open as the storm of the century rolled through town… oops!



more on mom and dad’s eventful trip to chicago later…


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