photo (1)all i know of this clock is that a little bird comes out and chimes each our.  currently 12pm is my favorite, wouldn’t you know it. what my mom tells me of this clock is that it hung in her childhood home.  a token of my pappap dave’s from his army days in germany in the 60’s.  she thinks. at some point it became unreliable. it would stop and start.  mimi and pappap tried to get it fixed numerous times.  alas it fell silent but never left the wall. it became an “attraction” in our house. “do you want to see the cuckoo?” and they’d wind it up and let it chime.   soon it would fall silent again.

the clock made its way from one house to the next, still silent but the thought of ever taking it down or getting rid of it never entered anyone’s mind.  last year mom helped mimi pack up the house to come to california and found a box for the clock, naturally.  after spending a year in a temporary space and only unpacking certain boxes, she finally made it to her home, and unpacked every last box.  the cuckoo clock made its appearance and it was discussed where to put it.  mimi agreed, it should sit amongst family pictures on the wall in the spare room, across from the rolltop desk that pappap dave used to sit at.

mom helped mimi hang the pictures on november 30th, certain to position the clock first, and centered.  once the pictures were hung around it, mimi casually wound the clock, set the time and moved on.  it hasn’t stopped working since.

maybe it will fall silent once again. it doesn’t matter.  maybe mimi doesn’t see what mom sees. everytime we come over we look and see the clock still works. mimi’s replies of “yes it’s working” when mom asks are not in “shock and awe” as mom would think.  mom thinks its a sign.

mom says maybe the clock, and pappap dave, finally found their home with mimi.


2 thoughts on “signs

  1. We wish a Blessed & Happy New Year to all of you in sunny CA! We love the clock story.

    Jackie & Al Larson


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