Happy birthday

Happy birthday to dad. The best: Lego builder, sea shell collector, restaurant finder, rc driver, pancake maker, roller coaster ride giver, soccer goalie, scooter racer and angry bird attacker around.



party of four

mom and dad’s favorite show to watch in college was “party of 5”.  mom thought that name was the best. she secretly wants one more baby just so she can walk into a restaurant and say, “table please – party of 5”. but it’s ok!  cause when colin was born, she could at least call us “party of four” hence the blog title.  and because of our 4th member of the family turns FOUR, it’s reason to celebrate.


(miracle of miracles! we are both smiling and making eye contact with the camera!)

mom found this crown for colin and he proceeded to decorate with peel and stick jewels. it took much persuasion from mom not to purchase ALL the pink and purple hearts/butterflies/bows peel and stick gems, from michaels. he wasn’t feeling the green and blues. she managed to convince him with red.


commence the presents opening


you know what he got? cars. cars, cars and more cars.


then it was off to BIG AIR OC. i’m pretty sure i could caption this as colin saying “MA – RI – NA!” she was the one girl from colin’s class that was invited. we think he loves her 🙂 they play mary and joseph in school all the time.



i’m ok!

IMG_7445-38emma, always fun, jumping and bouncing the kiddos while they lay there.

IMG_7461-48time to eat.


i’m beaming, discussing the visit from the tooth fairy (post to follow)

IMG_7472-53cousin love. what you don’t see here is aunt sarah squeezing colin and owen together, otherwise they would have been on opposite sides of the room, saying “cheese”.


IMG_7479-59mom contends that colin’s favorite part of his birthday is not the presents, but the singing. the love and the celebration that surround him, fill him up and he takes it all in.  if it could be his birthday everyday just to be sung to, he’d take it.

i love my tickle (yes i still call him that….) with all my heart. teachers tell mom how i take such good care of him.  mom would like to believe that one day, if i were to write my story it would begin with, ” my life started the day my brother was born.” she can hope.

this is 6

img_6475-3-wi had the good fortune of my birthday falling on a saturday this year.  so all celebrations were wrapped up in one day.  great for me! mom went for something different and brought in a reptile man.  the kids were in awe. count on E to add to the drama.  it’s always good to have a girl around 😉


i didn’t realize that i “had” to hold all the animals.  it took a few to calm my nerves.


the snakes were a hit.


colin was fearless.  i dunno, with those eyes and that tongue, yikes.


i’m starting not to freak out inside my head so much now…


colin is ready to take him home

img_6561-3-wsnakes, a few lizard and a bull frog that wouldn’t jump and then this…


mom should have asked for this to stay back in its home


and then E did this. seriously?? she is woman. hear her roar.


a baby python snake. colin’s comment “ooooh! it’s so cute – ty!”


A out did us all with snake and spider.


say hello to our reptile guy. and say hello to his little friend.  there are no pictures of me with this.  i’m out the door.


this was the best 6th birthday ever.

three! take two…

ok so mom forgot a whole chunk of pictures from my birthday (please save the “2nd child getting the shaft” jokes… mom is a 2nd child herself) and not to mention this is waaay past my birthday.  

mom had a chance to get some shots of me before we left for that par-tay…

the highlight of the dave and busters trip was a video game that dad most likely dispensed most of his money into.  really it’s hard to explain, but it was like playing a video without using your hands.  it shook colin so hard that dad had to hold him to keep him from sliding off.

another turn with me and brother 🙂

i totally rocked the football game. there, can you see my arm?


almost time for cupcakes!!!

happy birthday sweet potato…


oh yes friends, colin is 3.  it’s hard for mom and dad to imagine, not that their baby is growing up, but that he only just turned 3.  they feel like he’s been 3 for so long already!   the only thing to describe why they feel this way is through his “colin-ness”.

what better day than to gush on all things colin, than on his birthday?  colin usually has a lot to say, the typical “i’ll DO it!” or “i CAN’T do it!”  to things like “guac a MOLY!”  which is short for “holy moly guacamole” (from toy story).  or “that’s a great idea guys!” when mom suggests things like how it’s time to brush our teeth.  or his little back and forth games where he’ll say, “you’re the best…”(the mom says) “NO… YOU’RE the best…!” he will grab your face gently with his hand and say things like “you’re sooooooft!”  and when mom and dad say goodnight in bed, he always wants “a hug AND a kiss!”  all these things wrapped up into “just turned 3” colin.

the day started off not quite as mom planned…. she decorated his door only to have him burst through the streamers and balloons 3 times overnight, because he couldn’t sleep.  dad actually thinks he was so excited for his birthday that he could not settle down… the jury is out for mom.

but morning came and the decorations were still a hit.

we made our way to school where colin got to celebrate with friends and popsicles at lunch. mom and dad came to get us early and we all went to the movies and saw the lorax.

we came back home for some dinner and cupcakes!

oh yeah, and presents!!

number 5

the day started off just like most others, except for that colin woke up first

mom intercepted him just in time for him to start screaming “ba-yooons!”  thankfully i was just about to wake up

streamers and balloons, not too bad to wake up to 🙂

school was great. teachers made me a hat especially for my big day. mom and dad came to get me early and i got to open presents. lots of them. here’s where they hid them

counting my presents…

can it please be my birthday everyday???

i had fun copying mommy’s birthday message

what birthday is complete with out cake? or cupcakes… everyone picked out their own

then came the party…. the lego party. a giant race track, a table to make your own cars to race.

colin takes a snuggle break with nana


the birthday boys

then, once again, it was time for cake